Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions1. Terminology

  •  “We” “Our” “Us” refers to Margrom Enterprises- Painting Divisionis. “You” “Property owner” refers to the client/customer or whoever has contracted our services.


  •  We will endeavour to provide you with a quote within 10 business days of receiving your request. It is your responsibility to ensure you have provided us with the correct information to ensure we can return the quote in a timely fashion.
  •  Our quotes are valid for 30 days from date of receipt, unless we agree otherwise.
  •  Margrom Enterprises- Painting Divisionis quotes are none negotiable unless we choose to offer a discount.
  •  All quotes provided must be copied and a signed copy sent back to our office prior to any work commencing.
  •  In accepting our quotes you have therefore deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions.
  •  All prices quoted are in Canadian dollars and are inclusive of GST (goods and services tax)

3. Timings

  •  We will always endeavour to follow timelines where possible.
  •  All contract timings are subject to weather conditions and/or any unforeseeable circumstances out of our control.
  •  We accept no responsibility for any loss of time or otherwise due to timings on a contract.
  •  Once we have offered a start date for a contract we require all deposits to be paid straight away.
  •  We reserve the right to cancel potential contract start dates if the contract has not been returned and signed and the deposit has not been paid.

4. Weather conditions

  •  We reserve the right to postpone any contract due to adverse weather conditions.
  •  Start dates are subject to weather conditions.
  •  Project completion times are subject to weather conditions.
  •  Weather conditions are conditions that are not suitable for the application and or preparation of painted surfaces.

5. Deposits

  •  We require a 30% deposit once a start date has been offered.
  •  All deposits are none refundable under any circumstances.
  •  We may offer a smaller deposit amount at our discretion.

6. Warranties/Guarantees

  •  Margrom Enterprises- Painting Divisionis offer a minimum 2 year warranty on our workmanship and the products used (Manufacturers Warranty Where Applicable).
  •  All warranties are subject to the property owner carrying out general maintenance on their property to ensure all work carried out by us is kept to reasonable standard.
  •  We accept no responsibility for any work carried out by us that is altered, touched up, tampered with by the property owner or any third party. All warranties are void in this case.
  •  Any warranty claims must be lodged with our office in writing.
  •  If for whatever reason a claim arises due to product failure or workmanship issues we will rectify the issues and we will pay for the paint & products to rectify the issue. The client is required to pay for all the labour costs.
  •  Margrom Enterprises- Painting Divisionis do not warrant substrates that have not been previously sealed with oil pigmented sealer. These substrates include but are not limited to plaster ceilings, walls and cornice.
  •  We do not warrant the fading, peeling or blistering of dark colours on external projects, dark colours include reds, blues, greens & blacks.
  •  Margrom Enterprises- Painting Divisionis DO NOT WARRANT the following issues: cracking, settlement cracking, water stains, rust, peeling ceilings, bleeding knots, moisture damage, mildew (caused by moisture accumulation), rotten wood or rusted or disintegrating metals, paint supplied by customer, previously painted surfaces that have not been sealed using oil pigmented sealer, matching of the paint (The paint can be matched very closely but rarely to perfection).

7. Paint products

  •  Margrom Enterprises- Painting Divisionis reserve the right to alter/change products used on any project without prior notice.
  •  All paint and materials remain the property of us until all balances are paid in full.
  •  We reserve the right to remove any unused paint and materials from a project site before, during or after completion of a project.
  •  We accept no responsibility for choice of colours on any project.
  •  If for any the reason the client changes their mind after they have chosen a colour, any associated costs with this change of mind will be incurred by the client in full, and this includes any labour costs during the process.
  •  We do not accept responsibility for yellowing of any gloss enamel products.
  •  We reserve the right to pass on any price increases from our suppliers during a project to the property owner, we do not know when these may happen so we cannot offer any notice to the client.

8. New homes

  •  Margrom Enterprises- Painting Divisionis do not paint any new homes until all internal lights have been fitted or temporary lights installed and are operational.
  •  We do not use hand held lighting whilst filling surfaces.
  •  We only allow for 6 hours worth of filling on all surfaces for one tradesperson.
  •  We do not accept responsibility for the gapping of cornices, door frames, window frames and skirtings as this should have been carried out by the client’s builder.
  •  We refuse to paint any new homes projects until all other tradespeople have completed their contracts and have left the premises.
  •  We do not accept responsibility for any damage caused by any other tradespeople while painting new homes; any cost associated with this is the responsibility of the property owner.

9. Invoices

  •  All invoices must be paid on the day of completion of any project.
  •  Margrom Enterprises- Painting Divisionis reserve the right to request and receive a progress payment during any project.
  •  Any invoice outstanding after 60 days will be handed to a registered debt collector and any costs associated with this process will be passed onto the client.
  •  Outstanding balances after 60 days will incur a 5% interest charge and will continue to incur this interest charge every 30 days after the date of invoice issue until all balances have been paid in full.
  •  We do not accept payment by cheque on completion of projects unless the cheque is handed in person to a Margrom Enterprises- Painting Divisionis representative.

10. Warranty Program

  •  If for any reason a warranty issue arises during or after a project and the Alberta Home Warranty Program are informed, Margrom Enterprises- Painting Divisionis reserve the right to follow through with all or any of the contents of these terms and conditions, please pay particular attention to 9. -Invoices.
  •  If a warranty issues does arise we will follow any recommendations provided by the Alberta Home Warranty Program, however if the issue is deemed to be out of our control we reserve the right to pass on any losses, labour costs and any other costs associated with the enquiry to the client.

11. Complaints

  •  Any complaints are to be lodged with our office in writing within 7 days of any issue arising.
  •  All complaints are to be kept confidential and if the client proceeds to post any complaints via social networking on the internet or any other media avenues, Margrom Enterprises- Painting Divisionis reserve the right to take legal action against any party to reclaim any losses in revenue.

12. Additional work

  •  Any additional work not stated in the clients quote will be charged at our normal hourly rate.
  •  It is the client’s responsibility to carefully read and understand the quote issued and inform our office prior to work commencing if there are any issues that are not made clear.

 13. Gift Cards -Terms & Conditions of Sale

  •   Gift Cards can be used all at once or 1 per day for 3 days. Must use 2 vouchers and reserve 2 painters for tall ladder work. Surcharge may apply for tall ladder, scaffolding or specialty equipment may require small additional fee.; please call to inquire.
  •  $50 surcharge may apply for wallpaper specialist and children's murals specialist.
  •  Your gift card will expire 24 months after the date of issue and any remaining balance will be cancelled.
  •  Furniture must be cleared from wall or areas to be painted prior to arrival.
  •  1 Voucher Valid for a full day (8 hours) of professional painting or handyman services by 1 professional, including interior or exterior work.
  •  Servicing Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks, High River, Vulcan area and Strathmore. *This price applies to houses within the City of Calgary limits only. For houses outside of the city limits please contact us to discuss the project first.
  •  Valid for residential and commercial work.
  •  Gift cards are not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned for a cash refund.  Not valid with other offers. Any unused balance will remain on the recipient’s gift card and is not transferable.
  •  Gift cards cannot be used to purchase gift certificates or gift cards.
  •  Merchant cancellation/re-scheduling policy of 24 hours applies; 24 hour cancellation policy or voucher is void.
  •  Normal business hours apply and we do not send our painters to your home prior to an inspection.
  •  By appointment only, please call (403) 703-5960 for bookings and mention preference for painting, two hours of interior decorating consultation or handyman services.
  • Appointments required and subject to availability. Site Visit Fee of $59.00 is included with full day service

Purchase of the gift card implies acceptance of these terms & conditions.