Wood finishing


Wood finishing CalgaryWood finishing is an art form and it's what separates an ordinary home from an extraordinary home.

We use a multiple step process to achieve rich wood tones. It is important to finish any wood surface to keep from drying out, cracking, splitting and swelling from the moisture in the air. Different types of wood require different types of wood finishing products and stains.
Before staining occurs the wood has to be expertly sanded to create an even scratch pattern so the stain penetrates evenly. We then apply dye stains and wiping stains to get a rich, deep look. After the appropriate color is achieved we tone and clear coat the wood. Toning adds that extra layer of color depth to create that furniture finished look. All new wood and MDF projects requiring a painted surface will be finished with pigmented pre-catalyzed lacquers. These coatings differ from regular house paint. They were designed to be used on doors, trims, cabinets and furniture, in high traffic areas, and have excellent moisture resistance. They also have a much smoother feel, appearance, and dry to a very hard durable finish.

 We can handle any type of interior or exterior wood finishing request... whether you'd like a rustic look, a stressed look, a delicate fine finish or any type of style or colour.

Our painters are skilled in all the necessary techniques needed to provide you with a high quality finish for all your wooden surfaces, from deck staining to wood finishing trim.  

You can count on our team of professionals to make the wood in your home complete with lasting beauty.


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