Home made deck finish recipe. (2016)

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Revisiting the Linseed Oil - Home made deck finish recipe. (100% natural ingredients)

You don't need a brush to clean a deck. With the right cleaner such as Cedar Wash and a light, careful pressure washing you can clean it with no damage, quick and efficiently.
We used Boiled Linseed Oil to Finish a Deck.  It gave a beautiful finish (brought out all the natural colors), and looked great for the whole summer. Linseed oil will rejuvenate both dry and wet rotted wood and has been overlooked in modern times. The recipe has its roots in the traditional log homes of the "Scandic" or Scandinavian countries. The best thing about this treatment is that it is 100% natural ingredients, except for the driers, but this is a tiny percentage of the overall ingredients, and the driers are only added to speed up the drying time, so if you want a totally natural ingredient finish and don't mind waiting longer for it to dry, then leave out the driers.

Getting the most out of your deck means keeping the wood in good condition and protecting it from weather. A variety of commercial finishes -- stains, sealers and water-proofers -- can color wood while lengthening its life. As part of the green living trend, homeowners have sought out effective but less toxic solutions to preserving the deck than commercially available. Our home made deck finish recipe come from historical research and new experiments, from boat enthusiasts and owners of log homes. This recipe is based upon the age old timber preservation traditions of the Scandinavian Countries and is centuries old and time proven.  
Of course the prep basics apply, no matter what product you use: Strip / Clean > Neutralize /Brighten > Seal. Plan on redoing or maintenance washing your deck every ... years. This will keep it in it's best condition.

BLO is a finish that, when applied to wood deck surfaces, causes the grain to show prominently and leaves a wet look on the deck. Linseed oil soaks into the grain, creating a moisture-resistant barrier that will not crack over time like paint will, thus preventing moisture from getting underneath the product and causing decay of the wood. While pure linseed oil is not desirable for wood protection, boiled linseed oil, properly applied, will provide a nice finish and weather protection for your deck.

Among oil-based finishes, linseed and soy oils have been traditional choices. They are easy to apply and they penetrate more deeply than water-based coatings. Another plus: They wear gradually by erosion. On the other hand, natural oil-based finishes soak into seal out water but may bring other problems. Linseed oil is itself gourmet mold food. If you're planning to use such a product, be sure it's got a factory-blended fungicide.

No finish does everything perfectly, especially in a grueling environment where heavy foot traffic, unrelenting sun, and exposure to rain and snow are the norm. Also, there's no such thing as a permanent, maintenance-free finish — all will need periodic cleaning and recoating. Plan on redoing or maintenance washing your deck every few years. This will keep it in it's best condition.




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