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Ladders are the leading cause of fall from height accidents around the world

No matter where you live in the world, ladders are the main cause of accidents involving falls from height leading to serious injury and even death.

       Canada's Occupational Health & Safety MagazineIn Canada, it is estimated that around 14,000 workers are injured annually due fall from height accidents, the majority of which involve ladders.
The main reason for ladder accidents is the ladder slipping generally due to users overreaching or because the ladder is not properly secured.
Most at risk are those who use ladders daily as part of their work such as roofing contractors, electricians, window cleaners and painters. OSHA believes 100% of all ladder accidents could be prevented if proper attention to equipment and climber training were provided



 Introducing - "The Ladder Guard PRO ZX71" Extension Ladder Stabilizer and leveler


The LadderGuard PRO ZX71
Ziggy Bobek - inventor and founder of Bobek Industries Inc.


 The Ladder Guard PRO ZX71The Ladder Guard- PRO ZX71 prevent outward slip by increasing the base of your ladder and significantly reduces the chance of a sideways slip at the top. Using this product assists in turning  every day  extension ladders into safety ladders for use around the home or worksite.
Easily attached and lightweight, this patented (US and Canada patent pending) design requires no tools to install and easily fits to most ladders in just seconds. Constructed of stainless steel, this new ladder accessory makes work easier to complete while using an extension ladder, providing more stability.
They can be attached at any height position to allow for sloping ground, and eliminate the need for someone to stabilized the base. Works by simply pushing down on the rod to the desired level. The ladder has a duty rating of 275 pounds making it durable, long lasting and able to meet the demands of the job.



•    Work safely on slopes, stairs and uneven surfaces.
•    Easily levels and locks securely in place
•    Heavy duty adapts to nearly any indoor or outdoor situation
•    The device can be securely adjusted in a variety of angles giving stability to the ladder and is easily switched from one ladder to another.
•    Portable, locking mechanism, lock, lock-on, back-up safety lock,
•    Light and Easily transportable
•    Meets OSHA/ANSI safety standard. Fit most aluminum, fiberglass, extension, combination ladders up to 275lb Duty Rated.
•    No tools necessary
•    Ladder Guard- PRO ZX71 is a safety product manufactured in the Poland.

Color       stainless steel
Material   stainless steel





  You can purchase a LadderGuard - PRO ZX71 the same way you purchase any other product from other stores, processing will go through PayPal. If ordering more than four please call us  to arrange payment and Special Discounted Rates.


I am a factory authorized Ladder Guard PRO ZX71 Ladder Dealer and have been selling extension ladder stabilizer and leveler since 2016. I am VERY familiar with the product and I'm more than willing to help with any questions.
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If you are distributor, wholesaler and/or retailer interested in selling LadderGuard- PRO ZX71, please feel free to contact us via phone or email for more information.



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